Thursday, March 1, 2012

Something New I Tried

I tried something new for breakfast today, it was oats with some fresh cranberries. Oh it was so very good! Surprisingly good I might add! Along with my oats I had a cup of coffee with some stevia and skim and read my new Weight Watchers magazine for added inspiration.

My lunch was a nice healthy salad that contained a spring salad mix, sunflower seeds, black olives, broccoli, red pepper, cucumber and some pecans. I used a little olive oil and a squeeze of fresh orange for my dressing. I also had a half a liter of water.

Dinner time arrived and I was starving because it too look than I anticipated so totally forgot to take a photo. What I has was ham, asparagus, mashed potatoes with another liter of water to drink.

I had a yogurt for snack a little while later and another liter of water.
A total of 2 liters or 64 oz of water down!

No formal exercise today I just added a bunch of added movement to my household chores, which I had been really behind in being sick all last week. Laundry squats, vacuum lunges, dancing dishes…fun stuff! But even with all that my steps were not so hot… Only5444. Not happy with that…at all.

I am just starting so I guess here is to getting better.

Red heart~Lynn